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Scottsdale Healthcare cares about its employees, their health and our community. We support efforts to reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to Scottsdale and the Valley.

SHC participates in the Maricopa County Travel Reduction Program. While we are required to participate because of a county ordinance requiring large employers to support a travel reduction program, ...


AMU Drawing Winners

The 2nd Quarter 2014 Winners contest winners are:
Walt Blinkinsop for Vanpool on 6/27/2014
Beth Hennis for Telework on 6/13/2014
tabatha Speirs for Carpool on 5/15/2014
Roman Kludka for Bus on 4/9/2014
Christine Quieti for Bus on 4/9/2014
Barbara Gibson for Carpool on 4/14/2014
Patrick Scott for Bike on 4/24/2014
Shannon Davis for Other on 5/6/2014
Carla Lindquist for Vanpool on 4/21/2014
William Perleberg for Walk on 4/7/2014
Yvette Pena for Carpool on 4/23/2014

The contest winners are:
Sheila Gebhard for Carpool on 2/12/2014
Maria Martinez Palacios for Bus on 3/3/2014
Mary Johnson for Carpool on 3/17/2014
Linda Rivera for Telework on 3/3/2014
Geraldine Cunningham for Carpool on 3/3/2014
Billie Luna for Vanpool on 3/17/2014
Beatrice Borbon for Vanpool on 3/3/2014
Kathy Siebert for Vanpool on 3/17/2014
Donnalee Jerome for Carpool on 2/12/2014
Laura Abele for Bike on 3/5/2014
Amy Alexander for Compressed Work Week on 3/5/2014
charlotte ohlund for Bike on 2/12/2014

The 1st Quarter 2014 Winners contest winners are:
Renee Marty for Bus on 1/22/2014
John Foster for Bike on 2/3/2014
Edward Gannon for Telework on 1/9/2014
NANCY SHELTON for Vanpool on 3/18/2014
Christine Holman for Compressed Work Week on 3/21/2014
Kimberly Pinero for Carpool on 3/12/2014
stella ditoro for Walk on 2/27/2014
Sandra Puerner for Bike on 3/15/2014
Donna Morean for Bus on 3/17/2014
dave martin for Bike on 3/8/2014
Paul Tran for Telework on 3/11/2014
Nancy McDonough for Telework on 1/30/2014
Judy Rascoe for Bike on 2/12/2014
TRISH WHATTON for Telework on 1/6/2014
Colleen Alimena for Vanpool on 1/24/2014



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Useful Links

Alternative Transportation Modes are good for business and good for employees.  We have compiled a selection of useful and informative links on a variety of topics.

Commuting Cost Savings Calculator

Alternative Transportation Modes are good for business and good for employees.  They truly save money and help keep our environment cleaner.  Check out the Commuting Cost Savings Calculator for customized estimates of your savings if you use alternative modes of transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Alternative Transportation Modes are good for business and good for employees.  We have compiled a selection of useful and informative answers on a variety of frequently asked questions.

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